Canine Sports Zone has over 19,000 sq ft of turfed arenas in our 30,000sq ft for building,
and here for training at your very best!

February 11th/12th – AKC Agility trial by GMPC!!! Premium February
February 18th/19th – ASCA Agility Trial!!! For Premium click here!: nwoodsfeb2023agil
February 24thMIAC Unsanctioned ISC Trial!!!
February 25/26th – UKI Agility Trial!!! – Geoff Neider is our judge!!  

March 4-5th – Flyball tournament!!!  More details to come!
March 17th – 19th – Friday is USDAA AND/OR Sat/Sun is UKI Agility!!!  Carol Voelker is our judge!!!  USDAA premium=CLICK HERE!

April 1/2 – ASCA trial by Rock River!!
April 14th – 16th – AKC Agility Trial by MRC!!!  For premium: MRC premium
April 22nd – 23rd –   USDAA  Peggy Hammond is our judge!!!

May 6-7th – Lakeland DTC AKC ISC only trial!!!
May 8-10?th – Melanie Miller seminars – registration not open yet
May 27-28th – USDAA Agility Trial!!!

June 2-4th – AKC trial by CWVC!!!
June 9th -11th – AKC trial by BKC!!
June 23-25th – Sporting Dog Agility AKC Trial!!!

July 8-9th – AKC Agility Trial by WWDTC!!!  Premium: CLICK HERE!
July 16th – Stacie Cwik seminars – Registration not open yet!

August 4-6th – AKC agility trial by CWVC!!!
August 11-13th USDAA North Central Regional!!!

September 9-10th – ASCA Agility trial – pending
October 27-29th – WWDTC AKC Agility Trial!!!